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YouTube Is Necessary For Your Music Business

The use of social networks is a must in today's world of music. In order to gain the most exposure it is necessary to be active on all mediums possible. The one that can make the world of difference has to be YouTube. 3 billion hours of video are watched monthly so if you aren't sharing, nobody is caring!

It matters not what your role is in the music business. A YouTube Channel is necessary!  It's free to sign up, easy to create a profile, and can share things across the world in a matter of seconds. Acts such as Justin Bieber utilize the power of YouTube to launch their careers. Check out the list of other notables who did the same thing!

If you are new to the field or just need some tips on how to get more out of the experience check out what we have listed below.

Five Tips For Sharing Success

1. Brand Your Channel 
You customise your Facebook fan page, and Twitter profile. You should make sure you take the opportunity to brand your YouTube channel. Walmart is one company who’ve really taken advantage of the customisation features. Keeping a consistent brand identity across all your social media pages is a great way to make you instantly recognisable. If you’re a business or an artist, you need to stand out from the crowd. Making your channel stand out is one of the ways to do this.

2. Sharable Content
 The key to YouTube success is uploading videos that people will share. Upload content that people want to see, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits. If you’re an artist, why not upload a cover of the ‘song of the moment’ to help raise your profile? If you’re selling instruments, make your promotional videos interesting. Relate them to something current, and put your own unique spin on them. Whatever your role in the music business, make sure the content you put out there is unique, exciting, and entertaining.

 3. Tag Your Videos 
Like Pinterest, Flickr, and your blog; YouTube has a ‘tag’ feature, and you should be making the most of it. Make sure to tag your video with anything and everything that is relevant – including any slang terms (e.g. if your video is about a dog tag ‘pooch’ too). This will increase the visibility of your video. The more visible the video, the more likely it is to be shared. You should also make the most of the YouTube categories, placing your content in the most relevant places. This again, will help make sure the right people see your videos.

4. Regular and Consistent Updates 
Social media is a great way to raise your profile, and build a fan base. But it doesn’t happen overnight. So if you’ve worked hard to build up a YouTube community, you should make an effort to regularly update the channel. You should also make an effort to reply to as many comments as you can. Obviously if you have thousands of subscribers this may be impossible. You should however, make sure you have an obvious and active presence.

5. Analyse Your Analytics 
YouTube offers free analytics through its ‘insights’ feature. You can quickly and easily see loads of valuable information about every video you’ve uploaded. This includes a demographic overview of the people who’ve viewed your video, and how they found you. This will help you when it comes to creating future content so make sure you use this feature. Making Your Mark on YouTube As a music business, you really should maintain an active YouTube presence. Creating, building, and maintaining your own channel is a great way to share your content, connect with your audience, and promote your business. By following these steps, you should be able to seamlessly integrate YouTube into your current social media strategy.

Source: MusicBizAcademy

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