Saturday, September 22

Image Is Everything


Rihanna has changed your hair again.  It seems that every few months, the singer/songwriter/actress hits the scene with a new style or color but this never affects the image or brand that is Rihanna.  Actually, change is the definition of her image.  Artists like Madonna, Common, Lady Gaga, and Andre 3000 readily embrace change with each project they present to their fans, while other artists like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Janelle Monae stick with a consistent image, changing only slightly with current trends.  So how should you as an artist create your brand or image?  Here are some things to consider:

1: Understand Your Style
When looking through magazines or window shopping, what pieces catch your eye?  What can you see yourself wearing on a regular basis, whether on stage or to the studio.  Many times, what you would wear on stage may not be what you would wear to Wal-Mart, which brings me to my next point…

2: Understand Your Visual
Fans will take in all of you as you rock the stage; your hair, makeup, shoes, dance moves, and your music.  So what visual do you want to leave them with?  Furthermore, once the press and major labels gets a hold of you, they will want to take the visual you present and magnify it.  Ask yourself what want people to think when they see you as an artist.

3: Highlight Your Strengths
 Are you an around-the-way type of person or are you a little weird and quirky?  Do you like to push the fashion envelope or embrace the casual side of life?  Wherever you fall, embrace it and use that as a strength when creating your brand.  There will always be a fan base to accept it.

4: DO YOU 
Yes, the saying is old but it still reigns true.  If the image you create doesn’t seem authentic or original, many won’t take the time to pay attention to your music (sad but true).  Even worse, if that image doesn’t connect with your sound, you could be seen as fake or it could confuse people as to what you want to represent.

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