Monday, June 14

Mixed By Kori at PatchWerk

Andre 3000 X Kobe Bryant
Nike's NBA Final Commercial mixed at PatchWerk

Sorry Celtics fans, it's all about the Lakers right now after they took game 1 of the NBA Finals. Not only are people buzzing about the game, there was at least one commercial that caught everyone's eyes... and ears.

In Nike's tribute to the Lakers win, basketball greats - past and present - celebrate Kobe Bryant's quest for a fifth championship ring and Andre 3000 sings his praises to an old Beetles beat, "All Together Now".
In case you missed it, check out Nike's NBA Final Commercial:

Wondering why we are mentioning sports on here? Only because Nike's NBA Final Commercial featuring Andre 3000 was mixed by PatchWerk's own Kori Anders! .

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