Monday, June 14

How does twitter benefit individuals in the music industry?

I hear a lot of people say that Twitter is a waste of time and that its existence is pointless. Trust Truth is, perhaps people just don’t realize exactly how much Twitter is a very valuable tool. For artists and other individuals in the music industry, twitter can be a great networking tool.

Benefits of Twitter for artists, producers, songwriters, etc.

1. Twitter is a way to connect with people outside of your geographical location that think like you. If you are an artist in the south and looking for a producer, don’t just settle for your own city. Search further. There are tons of talented producers on Twitter that you can connect with and create a great hit.
2. Twitter is a great way to build a large following. A few years ago YouTube was the new music tool to promote and expose your music and talents. YouTube is probably still a great self-marketing tool. However, Twitter is where the people are. If you want to succeed in almost any business, you must keep up with the ever-changing technology. You must stay abreast and ahead.
3. Twitter can be used to share your music. You can easily place links to your music for others to click on and take a listen. You can also ask for feedback.
4. There’s this feature called RT or Re-Tweet. Ask your followers to Re-Tweet certain things that you tweet about. It allows other people who may not be in your network to see what you are talking about and hopefully decide to follow you. This is a great way to build more followers and connect with more people.
5. Use Twitter to promote your upcoming performances or album release. It is a free way for people to know what’s going on with you. A great way to be more effective is to tweet about everything. From tweeting about your songwriting process, to your recording session, to your management meeting, to your meeting with your publicist, by the time you get to mentioning your performance, your followers are already tuned in and anticipating your next move.

In case you haven’t notice, Twitter is about CONNECTING and NETWORKING. If you are someone in the music industry, there is no excuse not to be using this tool to create maximum exposure.

***Remember, Twitter is where the people are! So go and connect with them!

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