Monday, April 12

What Keeps Artist From Networking???

Written by Crystal Ochemba

Networking is one of the most essential building blocks for an artist. Many times, the music industry is about WHO you know most importantly. Networking events presents opportunities for artists to interact with other on a more personal level and to develop effective relationships. However, some people are not comfortable with walking into a room full of strangers and starting conversations. But this skill is essential for building your business team (i.e. promoters, manager, etc) or even creating your following (fan base). If you are an aspiring artists… simply performing at open mic’s won’t cut it. How else will anyone know who you are and what are you trying to do. Netwerk! Netwerk! Netwerk!

Now that you understand why networking is important… how you overcome the shy-guy (or girl) syndrome?

One of the main reasons people stray away from networking is because they are reluctant to talk to strangers. To get past this discomfort, try setting a goal for yourself before attending any event. Have it set in your mind that before you leave back out the door, you will meet and greet a designate number of people…hmmm…let’s say 5 is a good number to start. Keep in mind that if you only speak to the people you know at these events, you will definitely miss out on the opportunity to make a new connection, find your manager, your marketing team, your publicist, or even YOUR BIG BREAK! Come up with a conversation starter to break the ice. Try: “What do you do?”… Or simply introduce yourself. Get familiar with faces and take a mental note of who is who…and who does what.

Secondly, someone may shy away from networking and making connections for fear of being seen as too pushy. My advice: BE YOURSELF! If you walk up to someone and attempt to introduce yourself or make a connection and they don’t seem interested ON TO THE NEXT ONE! Don’t take it personally. You will make all the right connections that night with or without that individual’s interest.

I’ve also noticed that many people shy away from approaching someone to network for fear that their intentions may be misunderstood. For example, when approaching someone of the opposite sex, they may feel as though you are flirting and not simply attempting to make a connection. Quite honestly, as long as you keep the conversation professional and entirely focused on the topic at hand, you should have no problem being misunderstood. If so, make it very clear your intentions and KEEP IT MOVING!

Hope this helps! Open up and NetWERK!!!!!

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