Monday, April 12

The Importance Of A Good Bio

Written by Crystal Ochemba

As an artist, your bio is your business card to the music community. It helps fans, press, booking agents, managers, and record labels know who you are and what you are all about Because I am sure you are more than your hit single. What are your goals, intentions, who is the person behind the 16 bars?

Key information to include in your bio:
1. Contact information: Make sure that everything associated with your project has your contact information on it. Also make sure that the SAME contact information is on all your material (cds, flyers and other promo items). It’s all about consistency. For example, don’t have your twitter name on your facebook but forget to include it on your bio or your myspace. COORDINATE!

2. Influences: Tell your audience and potential followers what influences you to make the music you create. Use keywords such as like hybrid, myriad, collage, or infused to describe how your unique sound was created from those specific influences.

3. Band Members and important people: Very briefly list who is in your group (if you have one) and other people who play an important role such as your manager, publicist, booking agent, etc. Don’t be afraid to mention any big names that you may have collaboration or do business with because it may provide the cred you need to get a good fanbase.

4. Any Other Relevant Information: Make sure to list past performances, tours, and events in which you had an appearance. Also list any magazines, blogs, or site where you were featured or mentioned.

5. Humor/Individuality: Make sure you personalize the bio and show your personality that fits you (and your group). Make the bio unique.

So when including a bio on your MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media page, be sure to include important elements. Keep in mind that in most cases this is your bands first impression to make on somebody before they've even heard your music. It is sometimes your only chance to get your music heard and the last thing you want is to mess up any opportunity.

What's your take... leave your comments below.

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