Sunday, April 11

Obviously Subliminal

Written by Portia Jay

There was once a time when consumer products couldn’t be shown in movies and television. They were often replaced by a made up brand. Apparently times have changed the product placement in movies and television now is so obvious it’s kind of annoying. Tyler Perry’s most recent film, ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’ featured just about every top rated product in America.

Will this extend to music videos as well? Music videos have always been a great avenue to display clothes, shoes, alcohol, and cars; but these featured items are being displayed a little differently. Instead of just being an item in the video they are being highlighted. Christian Louboutin shoes can be easily identified by the signature red bottoms, which for some reason will be showcased in the video. Liquor companies like Nuvo are surely enjoying all the extra exposure in music videos by just about every R&B and rap artist out now.

Vehicles aren’t as easily accessible by the regular consumer, though many wish they could just go and buy the new Bentley just because. However technology is something a little different. All the new phones, Ipods, and headphones are just at the local Best Buy.

I suppose this is great for the artist, being sponsored by a company will cut cost for the artist and record label. Should viewers expect to start seeing an artist singing with a Coke can or box of Cheerios in their hand? Honestly there are enough commercials on television to reduce an hour long show to less than 40 minutes.

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  1. We live in a world where everyone is a robot. You have to force feed them product which is crazy. I can admit after watching the McDonalds McNuggets commercial a hundred times I caught myself going to get a 20 piece! Before this I had not eaten a McNugget in over a year or so. EFFECTIVE.


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