Monday, March 8

CD Release Tips

Putting together the pieces of a unique and outstanding album is no piece of cake. Artists sometimes spend years on the writing of their albums. There is a lot of time, effort, and money put into getting music recorded, mixed, and mastered. For the sake of getting the most out of your work, it is important that you have a strategic plan for your music. Creating anticipation, deciding on a single, and building a website are just a few of the steps you can take in order to make sure your music gets noticed.

1. Pick a single before you have a release date for your CD.

2. Choose a release date for the single that’s a few weeks ahead of the release of the CD.

3. Build anticipation for the release of the single. Mention it on your social networking sites, website and mailing list at least a few days in advance. If you have a good story behind it or anything interesting to say about it then talk about it. You could even add a countdown timer on your website to build the anticipation.

4.Launch the single on your website. Create a very simple landing page with:

  • A graphic that promotes your new album with the release date.
  • A small MP3 player or a video player that plays your new single or a 90 second sample of it.
  • A mailing list signup form.
  • A very visible graphic that says: “Sign up for email updates to download this song for free!” or something similar.

5.Use all of your social media outlets, your mailing list and any other means to direct people to your website immediately upon the release of the single.

6. Play the single at every show after you release it online.

7. Use your mailing list, social media, live shows and word of mouth to build anticipation for the album in the days leading up to the release.

8. Have a CD release party.

9.Work it! Sell some CDs!

Source: Discmakers

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  1. I think a great example is indeed the dropping of Ludacris album tomorrow. He has been making his moves around the country promoting his album crazy. Lets see if the tips will be reflected in the sales!

  2. Defintely a good look. Great tips for any one trying to push their project, whether local, indie or major


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