Monday, March 8

Songwriting 101

Songwriting is an incredible way to communicate your emotions. Some people write songs for private use, but others write songs to market and produce for an audience. In this article, the focus will be how to write a hit song for an audience.

The first step, and often the most challenging step, is choosing a topic for your song. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing topics for your song. First, you have to remember that your song idea has to appeal to a large audience. This is a reason that love is such a popular song topic. Everyone can relate to it,
and it has so many different aspects to write about.

Also keep in mind when choosing a topic that you need to make the singer for your song look good. This means that you typically won't want to write about topics that will make your listener judge your singer's character or their values. Look for things that move you emotionally because chances are, you'll be able to move others, too.

The second step is to create an outline that tells your story. The verses of a song typically tell the story in detail through feelings and unique imagery while the chorus of a song sums up the idea. The chorus of the song is very important because it is a section of the song that repeats itself over and over again. It provides memorability for the song, and these are the lines that your listener will remember.
It is very important that the ideas that you choose for your verse tie into the main idea and emotional theme of your lyric as indicated in the chorus. This is more easily accomplished by starting your lyric at the chorus, then developing verses to support your chorus.

The third step is to write and refine your lyric. Make sure to use a conversational and natural tone. This makes your lyric more believable and easier to relate to for your listeners. Also make sure to use unique imagery and focus on details to make listeners imagine a scene or emotion instead of just stating feelings in your song. This will help your listener imagine for themselves what the character of the song is going through, and often makes the listening experience more powerful and emotional.

Writing great lyrics is a great way to get a large audience, and it is a necessary tool for crafting timeless songs.

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  1. I am also making my album with my friends and most of songs are done, i have made all lyrics for them by myself and i am gona launch it in this spring, you are doing really great and i am sure your tips will be helpful for me.

  2. Awesome little 101 post. Great to be reminded of the basics. It makes the process seem fairly easy, and I'm inspired to write. I analyze individual songs on my blog at My posts may provide additional help to songwriters.


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