Thursday, March 4

9 Ways To Make Your Show More Profitable

1. Make your merch table intriguing. Try to capture the attention of concert attendees before they hear a single note.

2. Avoid clutter, clearly displaying the products for sale and their prices.

3. Quickly convey your artist aesthetic. It is an extension of you and should “jive with your vibe.”

4. Make it accessible. The merch booth has got to be easy to get to, unobstructed, and clearly visible to many people at once so long lines don’t hinder sales opportunities. Also, don’t let it become a hangout for friends. A congregation of people chatting away (but not buying anything) will dissuade folks with actual interest and actual dollars.

5. Diversify. Offer a number of different items (CDs, t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc.) and bundle them together for a reduced price to entice fans who might be on the fence.

6. Have small bags available. Don’t let the “how am I going to carry all this stuff?” objection lose you a sale.

7. Accept credit cards. Folks attending your show may not have a ton of cash on hand, or might not want to spend their last $10 on something other than a drink. No problem! With a credit card swiper, you can accept credit or debit cards right on the spot. And once someone has decided to use their card, your opportunity to upsell or bundle items into a bigger sale just got a lot more promising. Click here for more info on CD Baby’s credit card swipers.

8. Get your email list up there front and center. The merch booth is your opportunity to attract new fans even if they don’t buy anything. Have your email list and website info as the centerpiece. This may be the only chance you have to turn a stranger into a lifelong fan. Don’t miss it!

9. Be visible at the booth following your performance. If you’ve created a moment on stage that made a fan say to themselves “I need to take some memory of this home with me,” what better way to ensure a lasting connection than to have a conversation with your audience after the show.

Source: Discmakers

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