Tuesday, June 8

The Power Of Google Alert

On a daily basis you may be spending quite some time generating publicity for yourself and don't always get to see the fruits of your labor. Maybe you have sent a few hundred press releases out to media outlets and not even a cricket is heard back. You may be amazed to know how many people are actually writing about you and giving your music rotation without you being aware. A sure fire way to know who and what press is paying attention regardless if it is a write up or album review is to utilize Google Alerts. The advantage to using Google Alerts is made evident by receiving an email any time Google indexes a new mention of your artist name or band on the web. Your settings dictate how often you will be emailed.

Google Alerts can tracks things such as:

Album reviews

Press mentions

Incoming links to your site

Fans talking about your music

Show reviews

And any other place you get mentioned on the web!

To learn more and setup your Google alerts, go to http://www.google.com/alerts

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