Wednesday, June 23

News:Prepare For The Digital Flood

I only have one question for you? Are you ready for the Digital Flood that is about to take place with the new iPhone operating system now out (iOS 4), expect to see a host of updates to existing music apps, as well as new apps flooding the market. They include:

- Slacker: Supports multitasking so music from the personalized Internet radio service can be played in the background as users do other tasks on their phones.

- Pandora: Supports background listening, so users can stream Pandora while simultaneously surfing the web or checking e-mail.

- Sonos: In August, Sonos will make available a new app to turn an iPad running iOS4 into a remote control for its ZonePlayer multi-room wireless music streaming service. The app will let users see what music is being played in which room through the system, and make changes to content, volume and playback.

This is only the beginning. Get ready for a crazy summer!


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