Wednesday, May 26

Investing In Yourself!

Knowledge = Power. What better thing to invest in other than yourself? You are an invaluable asset that cannot be duplicated; act like it. If you want success and to be able to be compared to the greatest of the greats than you and/ or your product needs to reflect just that. Greatness. One of the biggest hurdles are the financial ones but using that as a crutch will get you nowhere. Many people work dead-end jobs that aren't their particular choice just to make ends meet. This lifestyle is indeed an expensive one but if you want it, take it. For instance all music makers should be affiliated with a PRO. The PRO's are performing right's organizations; ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. These organizations have several purposes such as aiding in your development but most importantly they're the people that make sure you get paid if your name is on something! All which is elementary information to our usual blog followers.

Producers & Engineers: If you're making beats and you feel comfortable using FL Studio that's fine but be familiar with the industry standards such as Protools and Logic. Don't let the deciding factor be who knows how to use certain technologies. Make yourself an incomparable asset to anyone. Be versatile with the genres you make as well. Attempt to make music to appeal to more than just one demographic. By doing so you are allowing yourself to reach so many different markets and people; the possibilities for you and your career can be ENDLESS!

Artists & Songwriters: If you're product is a song; make that song the best it can quality wise. Take the time to get it either professionally recorded and or mastered. Of course some of you have a pretty good set ups at your home but keep in mind these people who mix, master, and record do it to a professional standard. That's where you need to be. Don't be weary of spending money to make sure the quality of your product is the best it can be. Just ask yourself if you're worth it.

As I stated before, Knowledge = Power. Take the time to learn all you can about your craft. If you need to watch instructional videos on Youtube on learning how to use Logic do that. Be sure to look for ways to make yourself and what you represent better. This business is constantly changing, don't let a few dollars be the reason why you fell behind. Find educational seminars and go with an open mind such as our monthly IdoMusic Networking event. If you think you've heard it all before than that's exactly what you'll learn. The possibilities are endless if you allow yourself to seek out each avenue openly. Always remember, you're worth it.

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