Tuesday, May 25

5 To Do's When Submitting Music To Anyone

When submitting your beats to a songwriter/artist/industry professional anywhere it is critical to include the CORRECT contact info. Once you place that CD in someone's hands you no longer have control of its destiny. They could pop your CD in their car as soon as they get in and love it right away but you have to exhaust all possibilities. What if they don't? What if they find your CD months later and start to bob their head like "Ok!" Problem= Who's CD is this? How do I reach them? If your contact information is either non-existent or not current there goes one of your chances.

Some may not see it as such but believe it or not the tag lines become very ANNOYING!! Imagine being a songwriter trying to write and get inside a beat and your thought process is constantly being interrupted by "SUPA HOT BEATZ PRODUCTIONS!!!" Some might just flat out give up on it. Another thing, if you submit to an industry professional in attempts to get them to use it; your basically saying "I don't trust you and believe you might steal my work" which makes them not want to work with you. Remember as copyright law states, " Once the work is in a tangible medium, such as paper or a file on a computer, it is copyrighted to a degree." Stay protected and you'll be fine.


There's no telling who anyone is anymore. You could be shopping for cereal at the store and run into someone who can potentially change your life forever. Be prepared for it. Whether it be with business cards, a spiel, or just over all comfort and confidence in yourself and what you do. No one is going to believe in if you don't; be sure to possess all that you want to embody.


Don't leave anything to chance. Get their contact and follow up with them. Show how serious you are about yourself and your craft. Another possibility, we're all human and humans forget! Be sure to exhaust all your possibilities before you move on to another opportunity. You'll be surprised at how far just following up can get you.


Maintain all professionalism when meeting anyone. Even if this person is not a potential match for you or your brand you have still left an impression in their mind of you. They could meet you and think you're great but not have anything they can bestow upon you at the time but might run into someone who can. Being respectful and maintaing a quality relationship with someone can generate a potentially constructive relationship in the long run.
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