Friday, March 26

Recording Arts @ Full Sail University

Written By: Peter “LA-2A” Cho

Full Sail University is located in Winter Park, FL. They offer associate’s, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees in a variety of entertainment and media-related fields. The school is known for offering an “accelerated” education, meaning that the school’s degree programs can be completed in less than half of the time of a typical college degree. The associate’s programs are 12-months, the bachelor’s program 21-32 months, and the master’s programs range from 12-13 months.

I graduated within twenty-three months with my associate’s in Recording Arts and bachelor’s in Music Business. Full Sail has given me an education that is rewarding once you graduate. It is one-of a kind and you won’t find another Full Sail anywhere else. There has been negative and positive criticism about the school. I noticed a lot of the negative things people say about Full Sail are mostly false. Half of the critics that talk negative about the school are undergraduates who could never maintain to finish their program. They either dropped out or couldn’t find an internship after graduation. Job placement is not always a guarantee; it takes a lot of research and submitting of resumes to land a job/internship. Getting a job in the music industry is not easy, and it takes a-lot of paying your dues. Sometimes months after interning for a company, people quit because they don’t have the motivation and passion that it takes. The Music business is a 24-hour industry and it requires a lot of people to be busy/consistent. Full sail has given the tools and training for graduates to be successful with their careers. A lot of the students either miss out or simply don’t take advantage of their career development department. The department simply works with students to get them an internship within the field. While they have this great opportunity, I see students not taking advantage of the tools that was provided. I have met people who attended full sail for the wrong reasons and they ended up wasting time along with a lot of money. I have also seen great things happen with graduates who were making big career moves. So regardless of what people say about the school, it is a personal decision that requires a lot of passion behind to become a student at FSU.

The list goes on with Full Sail graduates that are on the move; I have listed some of the more famous grads from the school. These graduates have been on the move and have been involved with some of the biggest recording projects to date. Check them out!

- Sebastian Krys

- Phil Tan

- Cordy Rierson

- Gary Rizzo

- Steve Switaj

- Jason Whitmore

- Leslie Brathwaite

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