Monday, March 29

IdOMusic® Spotlights: B.o.B aka Bobby Ray

Congratulations to IdOMusic® Alumni B.o.B aka Bobby Ray as he prepares to release his album April 27th titled "B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray." We'll let him tell you how networking "WERKED" for his career!

IdOMusic® Weekend takes place April 1st-4th! If you haven't registered make it happen today!!!

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  1. Ummm, Wayne put himself in this situation. He thought that he could get away with doing whatever he wants and not have to take responsiblity. If Hip Hop is about drugs, gangs, guns,degrading humanity, equal rights, is homophobic and dicriminating I dont want to be apart of it...Artist should be honest about this Lil Wayne rap sheet.

    The cops just didnt hid out waiting on Wayne, but if they did they knew he had all of these things on him because he flaunts it...who in their right mind thinks its okay or just dont care walks around with a paper cup of cough medication (used for walking pnemonia) mixed with vodka and other things? No one, only Wayne does because he is not in his right mind.

    He needs help, and needs to stop contributing
    to the destruction of youth!


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