Thursday, January 14

Social Networking for The Anti-Social

Welcome to the crazy rage of the social networking. Any person striving for success KNOWS social networking is the next step to accomplishing your dreams. It doesn’t matter what field of work you’re in for this to be successful. Social Networking is the newest pop culture spin of popularity. Corey Denis, Music Marketing Extraordinary, answers some commonly asked questions about the importance of taking part in this new intense fad.

Question: Why is it important that artists participate in social media?
At the very least, learning how to participate in social media will give artists a chance to take advantage of new online tools, which may actually enhance their current projects. Singles, videos and tourdates can be released via new outlets, fans (new and old) will have a new method of communication with artists, and artists will have a new set of tools by which to market their craft. In the face of both an unstable music economy and the evolution of the new music economy.

Question: Do you think it's important for artists to be on as many sites as possible all over the Internet, or should they be selective and only sign up to the ones that they are actively using?
It can't hurt to have a profile on as many sites as possible, but if you don't sign in or know how to use the networks, or understand how to integrate all the sites together, then the profile will not automatically generate any exposure for you other than the top tier of popular artists who sell millions of records per month. An artist could viably create 50 profiles and optimize search-ability online, but it's crucial to consider what a person will find once they get to the profile. I advise artists to start with 3 networks and to use & manage them correctly and actively, or hire someone who can do it - then increase to 5, 10 and so on.

Question: What would your recommendations be for the busy artist that only has 30 minutes a week to dedicate to social media?
Set aside a small budget to hire someone to help, and treat them like an additional band member. If you only have 30 minutes to spare then the concept of "your time is money" should make sense to you - and if you want to sell music online and are not Britney Spears, it's worth your time & money to bring on this additional band member to increase your visibility, discoverability and sales online.

Question: What's the best way for an artist to get blogged about?
There are no guarantees. However, I advise indie publicists and artists who are brave enough to do their own publicity to develop a relationship with bloggers by reading their blogs, learning more about their taste and then you can write to them individually to let them know why you think they might be interested in your music. In addition, start your own blog, build a blogroll, and link to your favorite blogs.

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