Thursday, January 14

Is it "Platinum" or Is it "Marketing?"

The RIAA has recently certified Rihanna's "Rated R" LP as platinum. The catch is it's only sold 500k. I hope you're just as curious as I was. Stuck between thinking is this fair? Or is her marketing team just that good? With the current state of the music industry, its no shock of how difficult it could be for an artist to put up satisfactory certifications such as going 1x, 2x, or even 3x platinum.

It debuted on the charts at #4, selling 181,000 units. Is Def Jam that compelled to make sure their artists remain "recession free" so to speak? Does it sound more appealing and drive consumers to purchase the album if we can say, "The platinum release Rated R by Rihanna"?

Is it fair to other artists who don't "jump the gun" on receiving their certification from the RIAA? Could it also just be a serious marketing strategy by Def Jam to make the album platinum by any means while it's still relevant so they can also use that to their advantage to push even more sales? Or will Rihanna's reign just not let up?

I Said It. You Be The Judge.

What's your take... leave your comments below.


  1. you know that the music industry and the business side of it is over when RIAA will say an album is certified when it truthfully is not and the public and media know it is not the truth as well.... it is sad that maybe this illuminati crap is real... i mean she or her team are apart of some secret clique or something to give them the guts and nerve to tell a flat out lie! It is my belief that one day sooner than later real music, true music, happy music, moving music, will break through all of this negative energy that is being vomited out to the people...ALL PEOPLE. but in particular right now black people.... there is something awfully wrong with the music from our culture right now... every culture has there music that they will share with the rest of the world.... and for the last 10-20 years black music has on purpose gone backwards in a bafoonish kind of way. and unfortunately some black people in power have allowed their cultural roots to be dumbed down for power, fame, and fortune... but my question is at what cost? the cost of our rich and beautiful culture the cost of our children saying F the world... the cost of the lives of our men in the streets against each other over whose gang is the toughest ..i say at what cost becuase music good music music that moves the soul... changes a person perspective on their lives... music inspires change... inspires hope.... inspires growth... inspires pain that brings understanding.... IT IS NOT FAIR THAT OUR PEOPLE DON'T GET TO EXPERIENCE THAT BASED ON A SELECT FEW FROM OUR RACE AND OTHER RACES WHO DELIBERATLY ENCOURAGE INGNORANCE ....WHO DELIBERATELY ENCOURAGE SELF HATE... WHO DELIBERATELY ENCOURAGE SELF PITY... WHO DELIBERATELY ENOURAGE SELFISHNESS... WHO DELIBERATELY ENCOURAGE SEPERATION.... SO THIS IS WHAT I THINK AND BELIEVE .... I HOPE THAT THE SPIRIT OF REAL FAIR AND MOVING MUSIC WILL PREVAIL IN THIS EVIL BUSINESS AND DESTROY IT PERMANENTLY... WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE AND NEED MORE..... WE HAVE TO DO BETTER!!!!

  2. Britney Spears Blackout sold over 900,000 copies and was not certified platinum. Rihanna's bitch ass barely sells 500,000 and receives the certification? That's bullshit.


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