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I dO BEATS: Ace Wonder & Ill Gaimez/Hannibal

This month at I dO MUSIC our segment "I dO BEATS" unleashed an awesome tandem on Apache Cafe consisting of Ace Wonder and Ill Gaimez/Hannibal. We took a moment to see how they make music WERK!

How long have you been producing music?

Ace Wonder: Man.....It's been a second now! We started during our first days of college at the University of New Orleans. By my count, I'd say it's been just about 10 years now....

Ill Gaimez/Hannibal: We studied together under Ellis Marsalis (Braford & Wynton's father), then when he stepped down as the head of the music department, we studied under Terrence Blanchard(he scores all of Spike Lee's films & did "Cadillac Records" Love & Basketball", & "Next Friday.")

When did you realize this was the career for you?
Ace Wonder: Personally, I remember the day vividly. I played basketball while we were in college and always had to leave our writing sessions to go to practice. One day while I was walking to practice, it just hit me that I didn't wanna play basketball anymore, in fact, I wanted to make music for a living so I quit the team that day and never looked back. It's been music or bust ever since!

IllGaimez/Hannibal: We wrote our first piece of music on a Monday & by that weekend, we had a dozen records. We didn't know if they were any good, but then we had a chance meeting with some reps at Qwest records & they loved them all! I knew then that this was what I was meant to do for the rest of my life.

Who are your influences?
Ace Wonder: We could literally be naming people all day...but I'll try to keep the list short, LOL! Hmmm...Quincy Jones is always at the top of my list, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, of course, Dianne Warren, Bill Conti(google him...lol) you know? People like that. Wait can't forget Stevie Wonder!! How the hell did I forget him. He might be my biggest influence of all personally.

Ill Gaimez/Hannibal: I'm feeling other beat battle producers b/c I feel like they challenge me to be better. Industry wise, Dr.Dre & The RZA are right at the top of my list. Kanye & Will.I.AM always push hip hop to new limits. Dj Toomp & all the cats at N-Zone keep the south fresh & Organized Noize keep the south respectable but I'm mostly inspired by the people who score movies like Danny Elfman, James Horner, & Hans Zimmer.

Do you have any projects currently out? Are you working on anything now? Details & Dates?
Ace Wonder: We have a couple of big placements in the works for later this year. We are fielding interest from several publishing companies right now as well. We're using this newly garnered attention to push some of our writers and artists too.

IllGaimez/Hannibal: I do wanna say this, there were alot of A&R's that said our stuff was too musical for the mainstream so I'm looking forward to seeing them cats SICK when we're on top!

Ace Wonder: No comment..LOL

How did you get involved with the I dO MUSIC" program?
Ace Wonder: I first got word about I dO MUSIC from a staff member here at Patchwerk, Kervins, that I knew from our days working together at this indie label here in Atlanta. We ran into him at Patchwerk one afternoon and he urged me to get involved with the I dO MUSIC event. Sound advice, indeed...

IllGaimez/Hannibal: I've been running into OZ at beat battles for a minute! I won Dres Tha Beatniks's battle, the Mighty Mighty Beatdown, in March over at Sugarhill & OZ was like "Yo, you gotta come play your beats over at "I dO BEATS". Since the last event, our phones haven't stopped ringing!

What do you most like about the "I dO MUSIC" program?
Ace Wonder: I like the interaction between the panelist and the up and coming artist and producers. Having someone like Wendy Day there giving people the truth about this business is probably the most beneficial thing I see. Because one of the toughest things about breaking into this business is getting the truth about how it runs. The insiders are often really guarded with that info, but "I dO MUSIC" gives people a chance to get that info..which is priceless.

Ill Gaimez/Hannibal: I love any platform that allows underground talent the chance to be heard by people that can push the button on your career. "I dO MUSIC" gives producers, MC's, singers, writers, b-boys, guitar players, etc.. the opportunity to be heard. I met a violinist at "I dO MUSIC!"

Ace: How dope is that? LOL

If you could say one thing to the artists, producers, songwriters, and musicans that haven't gotten involved with "I dO MUSIC yet, what would it be?
Ace Wonder: Simply put..Get involved. To me, the most eye opening thing about working here in Atlanta is the supreme importance of networking. It is just as important as making music these days. "I dO MUSIC" is a great chance to network and get you're name known, so I'd say get involved and watch how quickly things pick up for you.

Ill Gaimez/Hannibal: It ain't about what you know or who you know; it's about WHO KNOWS YOU! "I dO MUSIC" is set up to make the real movers & shakers know WHO YOU ARE.

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  1. These guys are awesome! I love what they are doing. An they are representing the city of New Orleans well!

  2. Darrell(ace)and Will(lil gomez)are hard working,talented,music loving men and they deserve all the success that's coming their way....Keep up the good work guys!!!!!!

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  4. 10 yerars??! Wow yall came a long way!! Congrats on your on your success!

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  6. Congrats babies! U go!!!!!!!

  7. Great information. I hope other artists/songwriters learn from your story so that they can avoid some of the pitfalls in the industry.

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    Ace of GUOK


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  12. I met Ace a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta and I swear I never heard anybody talk about music like he did. These guys are geniuses. People say that alot, but these 2 are 100 percent.

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