Tuesday, September 22

The Teen Perspective: Love or Money

Hey music heads, I'm "Karpae Dium" and welcome to my column... "Teen Perspective". This column will focus on providing you with my perspective on various music topics as a sixteen year old high school student currently living in Atlanta. Why should you care??? Well - simply because I know music but more importantly because "I BUY MUSIC" and so do most of my peers. Anyone that sells music commercially knows we teens primarily support the music industry buying more music than any other age-group. In fact - one of the major reasons the music industry is experiencing so much decline is because we're just not satisfied with what's coming out of our speakers! According to research done by major research firm NPD Group "In the case of paid digital downloads, 32% of teens purchasing less digital music expressed discontent with the music that was available for purchase" - Well together, we're going to fix that! In this column I will be giving you the highly sought raw insight of us "teenies" as some record labels call them. In addition I'll share updates on music events as well as some cool things I've learned along the way.

Love or Money?!

It isn't hard to figure out why many people in Atlanta are starting there own businesses. In Atlanta the unemployment rate is up to 10.7 percent. That being said people are now doing things they've always wanted to do since they were "teenies", but didn't because it was not practical when they were growing up. Now you're seeing more and more people quitting their jobs and starting music companies or becoming full-time musicians themselves. I was watching the news the other day and a woman speaking said something very profound... she said "I don't love what I do". Later in the show she talks about her new business as a fashion designer. This made me think about why people wouldn't do what they love? It came to me instantly, the reason is Money!! Money alone will make a lot of people second guess almost every decision. That's a dangerous place to be in. There has to come a day where you ask your self... "Should I do music for the love or the money?" Well that's an easy one right...??

Karpae Dium

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