Tuesday, September 22

ATTN Producers!! Get Out The Studio!!!

Hey guys we have a BIG announcement!!! Now the winners of Atlanta's Producer's Swap Meet "King of ATL" beat battle will get interviewed LIVE at the "I dO Music" event!!!

If you are a producer and have never attended this famous producer competition in Atlanta we are here to tell you first-hand that YOU NEEEEEED TO GET OUT THE STUDIO THIS THURSDAY!!!!!! Don't miss your chance to get your name and face out there. Over 400 people attended "I dO Music" last month... Now you'll get a chance to play your stuff for all of them!

(Click on the flyer for details)

We Want to Know Your Opinion... Leave Your Comments in the Comment Box Below!!And don't forget to come out and experience "I dO Music" for yourself on the 1ST THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH!

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