Monday, September 14

Kanye needs a good Publicist right about now..

If any publicity is good publicity, then Kanye West has nothing to worry about. But if Kanye is worried about keeping a positive image of him self in the media, then he needs to look into obtaining a good publicist. Because a good publicist would have told Kanye that he already has a messed up image. - People scrutanize him for being classless and full of ego. - and they would have advised him against doing what he did to Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMA's . Sure he went on his blog afterwards and apologized,... but c'mon..can we say a little to late??

What else would a good publicist do?

A publicist gets press coverage for his client. The publicist is often the middleman between the high-profile personality and members of the media. He usually wants his client to receive positive acclaim, but many publicists surveyed noted the old adage that “the only bad publicity is no publicity.” Politicians and captains of industry require a little more specific spin on their press-they want to be seen as forward-looking and confident-but other professions are less picky, as in the case of the rock star who reveals the sordid details of his seamy nightlife to cultivate a rough image.

Publicists also perform damage control, attempting to counteract any undesirable press coverage the client receives. This position as “last line of defense” is what distinguishes the adequate publicist from the extraordinary one. Good publicists can turn scandal into opportunity and create valuable name-recognition for their clients. Publicists don’t only work for the famous. Sometimes they work for a little-known person or industry and create reasons for them to receive press coverage. In a case where a company desiring publicity is hampered by its esoteric nature or technical jargon, the publicist must translate its positions into easily understandable language.

A major part of the publicist’s day is spent writing press releases and creating press packets, which have photos and information about the publicized person or company. Publicists spend a lot of time on the phone. They put in long hours, and most receive little financial reward in return. They operate under hectic conditions and must adhere to strict deadlines which coincide with publicity events, such as the release of a movie or the publishing of a book. They have to ensure that they get the appropriate information to the media in time for the event they are generating publicity for, such as a record release or automotive sale. They must always be available for comment (even when that comment is “no comment”) and remain friends with the media, no matter how demanding the desires of both clients and the reporters on whom they depend.

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1 comment:

  1. Al these hippetyhoppers seem to have huge ego's. (that has to be their image they think). but all artists that lean too heavily on publicists, seem to sound untrue, unfaithful and fake. (e.g. C. Brown that says he is sorry for his behaviour/ Slash saying totally wasted "don't do drugs")
    Just be who you are, if you are a bad boy, be a bad boy (M Tyson), if you are nice and friendly, just do so. (Will Smith)
    And suddenly, the king of publicist fake-ism, P daddy, D Puppy, or Punk Dippy (or whatever he calls himselve now) yeah that guy with his own clothinglabel made by enslaved Mexican children (Uh, sorry i didn't know that/ I did not have enslaved those women) jumps up in my thoughts (Damn, and i thought i'd have a good day)


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