Tuesday, September 15

3 Don't EVER's of Managing Fan Email Lists

One of the worst impressions you could leave on a fan is one that communicates that you don't care less about or respect their contact preferences, rights, and privacy.

#1 - Don't EVER buy an email list from some company or individual and start treating them like they're YOUR fans. This goes especially for those infamous DJ and A&R lists you all so passionately seek out...LISTEN and listen closely... This is the fastest and #1 way to end up someone's trash or spam box. Think of it like this - what do you do when you check your mail box at home only to find a bunch of coupons from pizza hut, papa johns, and other people you never asked to send you mail and you think to your self "how the heck did these people get my home address anyway??!?! Exactly - you throw it away faster than Jay-Z can say "Uhg!"

#2 - Don't EVER use subject lines that sound like this: "Free Download", "J. Money Feat. Drake & 50 Cent", or "THE BEST ARTIST IN ATLANTA" (or anything in all caps). In case you didn't know - most email services like gmail, yahoo, and aol filter out messages that sound like spam. And even if your message is lucky enough to sneak by these spam filters it will surely fall victim to the wrath of my morning ritual of feeding my email's trash bin. The best thing to do is be honest. Once getting my permission to email me (see rule #1) in 6 words or less let me know what's in your email and why I should care.

#3 - Don't EVER use badly formatted or tasteless graphic images in your emails!! No - using near naked girls and $100 bills on your CD cover will not get my attention. The one of the most ignorant strategies out there! Think corporate. Think major label. Think honest. Think clean. If your email content is not formatted similar to the ones you get from Def Jam, Sony, or WMG... your have some werk to do. Take your time and get it right and your efforts will surely be rewarded when you see people starting to download your music and subscribe to your website.

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