Monday, September 7

No More Liles

Last week Kevin Liles said goodbye to Warner Music Group as the "Executive Vice President." He has decided to leave his day to day role to pursue his own entrepreneurial opportunity. He will maintain a consulting relationship with the company.

Liles was quoted:

" In the past couple weeks I've made one of the most important decisions of my life -- to depart the Warner Music Group in order to focus more on new entrepreneurial endeavors in talent management, entertainment, media and my personal philanthropic and political passions."

No question he will have many business ventures coming his way.

Here's a bit of excerpted bio on this major figure now making independent moves:

"Kevin Liles' ascent...began in 1991 when he undertook an unpaid internship for Def Jam in the Mid-Atlantic region. By 1993, he had become the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Manager and by 1998, after only seven years, Liles accepted the position of President of the Def Jam Music Group..."

"In addition to presiding over the label's artist roster and day-to-day business at Def Jam, Liles oversaw the diversification of the Def Jam brand, including establishing Def Jam South, Def Soul, Def Soul Classics, Roc-A-Fella and Murder Inc. He also led the brand-extension efforts and cross-marketing deals that linked Def Jam's name to movies, television, DVDs, clothing, financial services, mobile content and video games..."

"Following the merger that created the Island/Def Jam Music Group in 2002, Liles added the title of Executive Vice President of Island Def Jam Music Group to his resume...By 2004, Liles joined Warner Music Group as Executive Vice President and was part of the senior executive team when the company went public in 2005. As the lead executive behind the implementation of WMG's new 360-degree strategy for enhanced artist partnerships, Liles oversaw the expansion of the traditional record company role in the artist's career..."

"Throughout 2008, Liles was instrumental in assembling a coalition of like-minded entertainers who made strategic visits to swing states in the final weeks before the historic Presidential election...Liles serves as board member/advisor to Ogilvy & Mather Diversity Board, Harbor Bank, Healthcorps, SEED School of Maryland, New Yorkers For Children, Junior Achievement of New York and is a member of The Executive Leadership Council."

"He is the bestselling author of "Make It Happen: the Hip Hop Guide to Success" and oversees both Kevin Liles for a Better Baltimore, which invests in the Baltimore community, and the Make It Happen Foundation, which empowers African-American youth to succeed in the business world."

Source: ProHipHop

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