Monday, September 7

The Country Is Calling

Country and western music is such a big hit. Please understand that many people love country music and it necessarily follows that those people want to be country music singers but don't understand the fundamentals.

This is one of the most popular music genres in the United States. This southern traditional music has traced decades in history and it remains a big hit today. Everyone knows Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Faith Hill and even Carrie Underwood and since 2002 Kenny Chesney has been the biggest seller in country music and among the elite in touring artist around the world. He has grossed close to 500 Million and sold 7 million tickets according to Billboard Boxscore.

Numbers don't lie and when the people speak you should definitely pay attention. No wonder many people desire to be the next country star. So for a young developmental singer out there who wants to become a successful country music singer, this is the time to make a decision and take the big step to fulfill the dream.
There are some things that have to be considered to become a great country singer. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. First of all, the singer has to love country music. This genre has a distinct style and details that only a person with a heart for country music will be able to capture.

2. Develop and maintain a good singing voice. This is imperative to any aspiring singer of any field. It is best to consider the skills and potentials and develop and improve on them.

3. Practice the singing skills always. As much as possible, a wide vocal range has to be developed as this is favorable in country music. The vocal techniques in country music singing is far from being plain, you must be ready for such challenges.

4. Develop a good ear for country music. This is the key to delivering a good performance.

5. Hard work and determination are also needed. These are important qualities for things. Aside from singing well, you must stand out from the rest. There are many aspiring singers out there to compete with.

6. Looking very presentable and pleasant are also winning points for a beginner. Looking your best is a good thing.

7. Knowing how to play the guitar isn't a requirement, although it could very well give you an edge, especially if performing live

Many people love country music. The market is wide open for someone young, fresh and new. This, however, should challenge more of a early developing singer, to become who he or she wants to be. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

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