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Atlanta Music Convention - Online Marketing

With the influx of new technologies, having a strong online presence has proved to be very beneficial and in most cases necessary, for many musicians. In fact, Online Marketing has become an integral part in any entertainers promotional campaign.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Music Convention. Held at the Georgia World Congress Center, the convention took place over a course of 2 days, complete with various seminars, one on one artist evaluations, and a gaming room to test out new and upcoming gaming software.

Although there were several panels presented, there was one in particular that stood out the most. Maybe it was the fact that this panel directly correlates to our theme for this month (NetWERKing in the Music Business) OR maybe it was because the moderator is a valued past IdM panelist. Either way, I learned a ton and want to share a bit with you. Here is some of what you missed during the Using Online Marketing Tools to Sell panel featuring online marketing wizard, Chuck Woo.

When beginning an Online Marketing campaign, the first step is to create a plan. "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!" Your goals should be written down on paper. We can all imagine the million dollar paycheck and the lovely living, however imaginary money has no value in the real world!

Of course, it's not enough to create a plan and leave it alone. The next step is to monitor your plan. "There's nothing like having your project grow legs and walk away from you because you can't sustain," says Chuck Woo of Woo Media.


Success in the Music Business

1. Money - This business is expensive!
2. Creativity - The most successful musicians are those that went against the grain.
3. Talent - Raw talent is the first step. This is the greatest foundation to build upon.

Now, if you do not have all three don't fret! Chuck says you only need at least 2 of the 3 in order to be successful in this industry.


Making Money with Music

Been stuck in rut, trying to figure out which lanes to shop your sound? Here are some options:

1. Songs for hire
2. Movie/ Games/TV - Find a licensing agent
3. Sales Online - Downloads
4. Video - Opens up international opportunities; "Werk Local, Think Global!"


Google is your best friend! It is an information highway and a wonderful starting point. Need a website other than Myspace? Get a blog (via Google), secure your own domain name, ( and turn that into your own completely professional personal website.

There is NO secret formula or software that will do your networking for you. This is really about creating a process that you can break down into a system and use forever. Think about McDonald's. There's a fry station, a burger station, a drink station. There is a clear system in place that secures the franchise's success. You should want the same for your business, YOU!

Now for more information on Chuck Woo and his marketing strategies, visit him online at

Also, check out for next year's convention dates!

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