Tuesday, September 1

Rock Till You Drop

The one crucial part of touring is taking care of your lodging. Everybody performs better when they are comfortable. Well now Primary Wave Music, has put together a partnership with Motel 6 that will give touring rock bands a FREE lodging in exchange for tagging their social networks(Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook) with the "Rock Yourself to Sleep" logo.

The first band to experiment with the campaign are Stephen Kellog & The Sixers, The Lights and Sparks The Rescue. Each band will receive two rooms of free lodging an night for up to six weeks.

"Being on the road is an integral part of a band's success," Primary Wave partner/chief imagination officer Devin Lasker. "Unfortunately, touring is an expensive proposition, so we created this program to alleviate that burden." Motel 6 became the sponsor of the campaign.

"Since that is how bands communicate with their fans...this is hopefully a way for Motel 6 to connect with youth," said Lasker. He also suggests that the campaign will help build Motel 6's image and brand loyalty.

The initial bands participating in the campaign are not on the Primary Wave's songwriting roster. The company reached out to managers they knew and offered them a slot in the campaign. "The scheduling of the campaign didn't allow for us to pick one of our artists this time around, but in the future we feel we can offer our bands something like this that other publishers might not," Lasker said.

Source: Billboard

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