Thursday, July 9

R City... From Grinding to Grammys - Their Story

Listen to this inspiring story about two hungry songwriters from the Virgin Islands... The duo R. City went from just some young new song writers fresh out of high school to GRAMMY award winning stars!! Their story is a very moving one... listen and take note. It's not easy getting into this business. Don't be fooled. things are not always what they seem. Learn more about R. City at

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  1. Yo! yall keep twisting up their story,I'm a virgin islander myself,Rock City did not start out as song writers,they started out as artist performing at local talent shows and open mic spots on st.thomas and then sooner or later they got very well known throughout the Virgin Islands and then they moved to the states to pursue their career,then they continued their grind in the states as artist,and they had an open oppotunity to write on akon's album "konvicted" and that opened the doors for them in the industry as songs writers,but they were respected and still is respected through the virgin islands and atlanta for thier live stage show,and this was way before writing songs for other ppl came in to play! get yall facts right....they're not another dream or ne-yo or keri hilson,no disrespect but these brothers are artist before anything else! I support them to the fullest....PTFAO!

  2. Thank you "anonymous" for straightening up the facts for everyone. :) We tried to make sure people got their story from their mouths by posting the song with the post. But you're right! Thanks for clearing it up!


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