Monday, June 22

Your Music Told Me to Tell You, "Hi Hater!"

One thing I can't understand: Upcoming artists who abandon songs that garner positive feedback. Now, I understand that you're proud of your music and would love to blast it ALL from a super-sized speakerbox on the nearest mountaintop. However, as an individual trying to brand yourself, to stop performing a song that supports your buzz simply because you're tired of it is the best way to undercut yourself!

Imagine, meeting a guy/girl and loving everything about them- their look, conversation, and style. You go out a few times and on the 4th date, this person completely flips the switch. You met them in Timbs, now they wear flip flops, their conversation was professional, now they can't piece together a single sentence. Guys, she had long ever flowing locks, now she can barely create a ponytail. You'd be disappointed wouldn't you?

That's how potential fans feel when you change the game. Ever heard, "If ain't broken, don't fix it?" Consumers become consumers because of repetition. You should want folks mouthing your lyrics with you. Get excited when a certain song continues to get requested. Do you think that The Rolling Stones get tired of singing the same songs over and over and over again for the past 25 years? Not when the millions are following every time. Think about that song you couldn't stand but now love because you hear it 2 times an hour, everyday, on every station. That same phenomena can werk for you as well. (If you let it.)

In the end, that one song can be your ticket in. Many songs that are hot today took at least a year to build up steam. Also, try branching out. Performing in front of the same audiences can help build your comfort onstage, but it can also cripple you by keeping you content. A wise rapper once told me, "you can go all over the world wearing the same outfit and still be considered fresh." I agree.


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  1. hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting...we love it : )



  2. Being a manager of an up and coming group, I can really feel this article! I am constantly reminding my group that the song they think is old, is new to most people mainly because of our limited distribution but as long as the audience responses to it - sing it, rap it, promote it, sell it!!!

  3. I really appreciate the feedback! Will do, Yan Tan. You have the right idea Eric! Don't let them win this battle. You know what it is.


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