Monday, June 22

3 Top Music Debates

1) Can Artists who don’t write their own music be taken seriously?
(What do you think?)

2) Do you support Death of Autotune?
(What do you think?)

3) One Hit Wonder vs True Artist?
(What do you think?)

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  1. 1. There's a major difference between a vocalist with a beautiful voice who has a hard time putting lyrics together and an emcee(MC)who can't write his or her own lyrics.HipHop is spoken word and expression. How can someone else express you better than you? It's just very difficult to respect an emcee who can't... emcee.

  2. 3. One hit wonders...Longevity is an important element of success...if an artist really has the passion and drive for music..they push to stay on top. Others who lack that passion are happy with a few dollars and a quick hit..makes us WONDER why they ever even surfaced!!!

  3. 1) In this instance, the artist is just an illusion. He's just the image being used by the industry because appearance is everything. I can understand having assistance with songs, but if you're career is based around someone writing the songs for you, then you're LAME! As Kalonji said, "Only you can express how you feel!"

    2)Jay just used that to generate a buzz. From my understanding, he had some tracks on BP3 that had some Auto Tune, but he took them off. We've been saying that Auto Tune was played out, but he just released a song saying it. It's on the same lines as Nas with "Hip Hop Is Dead". The conversation was already in existence, but it took an artist of Nas' stature to make it controversial. If you're going to use Auto Tune, make it sound good. Do just use it because everyone is getting recognition from using it. Again you're a LAME!

    3) It all depends. T La Rock was a one hit wonder with "It's Yours", but he was a dope artist. K-Solo was a one hit wonder with "I Gotta Man", but he was a dope artist. Catch my drift. As you can see, these artists came out during a time when Hip Hop was about competition. However, these days, the industry is only looking to produce "hits". So there are more artists who have a so called "hit", but SUCK. And going back to question #1, someone else wrote it for them. So there's no true artistry. Simple and plain, you're a LAME!

    Great post Toya!


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