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"I dO MUSIC" brings you another fresh interview with one of the impressive artist who took part in the "I dO FREESTYLE" segment of our monthly mixer. Izarel stopped through Patchwerk Recording Studios to let us know how he makes music WERK!

How long have you been rhyming?

I've been rhyming since I was in the Fourth grade, me and a neighborhood friend John used to always try to freestyle. I remember I used to even have a lil rhyme I memorized and would recite to people. I was talking about music at skating rinks, like goldie glide.

When did you realize this was the career for you?
I always felt it was truly part of who I am. For a lot of artist its money driving, which I don't knock. We all need money but as for me it was therapy then became an obsession. Now its fused and I can't get rid of it. I've been seriously attempting since I was 19 years old and seeking performances at the age of 20. I now perform at different show cases around Atlanta always looking for the next opportunity.

Who are your influences?
Nas and Tupac are my biggest musical influences. In addition to those two it would be every artist from Atlanta! Atliens such as Outkast, Goodie Mob, Kilo, Crime Mob, Young Capone and Gucci Mane. I love the spectrum of music in my city! Each ATL artist has their own style that they made work to get them where they needed to be. This is the definition of Southern Hip Hop!

Do you have any projects currently out? Are you working on anything now? Details & Dates?
I have a 6 song EP currently out named "United States For America" featuring underground favorites such as "Glass Roof(Invisible)" and "She Can Get It." More currently I just finished a project with a extremely talented producer by the name of Simon Illa. Its a 3 song EP that we are probably going to release by the end of July. Also landed a single with John Boi with a song called "Glass House" that I'll be posting soon.

How did you get involved with the "I dO MUSIC" program?
I was featured at Tru skool Tuesdays and one of I dO MUSIC's representatives (Miss Juice) saw me perform "Glass Roof(Invisible)" She really enjoyed it and thought I'd be a good fit for the show. From that point countless artist I know had already been part or affiliated with it from Rellik Rebel, J Wiggs, Lyrical Preacher and MoReilley, which gave me the scoop on how great I dO MUSIC's program was.

What do you most like about the I dO MUSIC program?
I like how I dO MUSIC bridges the gap between the two undergrounds. If you are an artist who is pursuing music in ATL you undoubtedly have realized this duplicity. You have some artist that go to Throwbacks, Club Miami, Figure 8 and Club Crucial. You have other artist who mainly attend MJQ/Drunken Unicorn, Apace Cafe, The Bench, and East Atlanta Icehouse. Other artist I know go to both sides(which I'd recommend), but "I dO MUSIC" bridges the two sides of the underground. I've seen artist I know from Throwbacks, Club Crucial and Apache Cafe' under the same roof at this showcase which is unfortunately rare.

If you could say one thing to the artist, producers, songwriters, and musicians that haven't gotten involved with I dO MUSIC yet , what would it be?
There are a lot of brilliant minds and driven people at these events who can help you be where you need to be. So it would be in your best interest to at least attend the event once and network to your full potential. You never know who may be watching.

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