Wednesday, June 17

The Foggy Future of Radio: HR 848 Performance Rights Act

What's up Music World?

A bill, entitled,
HR 848 Performance Rights Act, has the potential to wipe out minority radio as we know it. Basically, the bill will force radio stations to pay a fee, or tax, for EVERY song that plays on the airwaves.

Now, as an independent artist, you're probably like "Helllll Yea!" And that makes sense. But stop and think.... if a program director of your local radio station had to choose between paying a fee for a song from an established artist, (Beyonce, Jeezy, Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz) and you, a fresh new artist yet to be heard of, who do you think is going to win that battle? Aha, I see the wheels turning in your head now.

This IS something you should be concerned about!!

Cathy Hughes, Chairman and CEO of RadioOne, has major concerns with this bill and despite the fact that there is little to no news coverage on this issue, we should all take this as a red flag and do what we can to educate ourselves and ensure the security of an outlet that has created and cultivated so many successful careers! Take a look at the
bill summary here and google HR 848 Performance Rights Act to form your own opinion.

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  1. Good looks Miss Juice! Many aren't aware of what's taking place behind the scenes. I was conversing with a friend in Dallas, TX about the matter and she was the one who put me on. I immediately came to the conclusion that this bill is the reason why big name artists are beginning to do rock, country and alternative albums. Do they know something we don't know? Radio "was" the voice of the community until money was silenced her. On one end, I say support urban stations to keep them on air. And on another end, I say, terrestrial radio is dead and online broadcasting is where it is. Change is the only reality. It's time to embrace the times and find new outlets. Peace.

  2. I dont get it? Whats going to change? 1. I thought the radio only played major artists in the first place. 2. Whens the last time you seen teens walking around with boomboxes. The consumers have Ipods. Terrestrial radio is VERY archaic....I say good riddance.

  3. I agree that independents gain little to nothing from radio so what's the big deal, artist need to amp up the other technologies! Now talk radio is another thing, we can't afford to the lose it.

  4. Interesting article


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