Thursday, January 8

Why go indie? Chapter 2

I know you checked the other blog so I'll just go into it. ......

The Product
In some indy establishment depending on your popularity you may be the leading brand. This could be good that you have a whole label following your shine. For example Latchkey Records signed JoJo Simmons (Rev Run's son) and his group Team Blackout to their label. His group are frontmen of that label. Now his talent (obviously) gained him success with an indie label. So if he is succesful with his projects he helps the label garner success as well. This is the advantage of the personal relationship in the independent music industry.

The Distribution
With some independent label there is alot of room for improvement. With this said, there is a constant trend with major labels acquiring indie labels. You could check it out on the news everyday. Indie label's are slowly arising popularity with their artist and producers which makes them a target for major labels.

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