Thursday, November 29

What Ever Happened To "What's His Name"?

You know that guy... the one that had a couple hit singles but then mysteriously fell off the map. Yeah, that guy! DON'T BE HIM. Be the guy that's actually remembered after you've sung your last tune? More specifically though, what will we remember? What legacy will you leave behind? These are the questions that should be ringing in your head as you make creative decisions about your image, sound, or style. 
STRIVE TO INSPIRE: As we think about the great artists that have come before us and the artists of today, it's easy to identify all the different reasons why we remember them. Primarily, they inspire our creativity so we pay homage to them in our own music.Needless to say, as an artist you should strive to create something that will be remembered for many years to come and be used as a device through which others can find their own inspiration. 
Whether you'll be remembered for your music, your creativity, your style or your business savvy, you should always keep in mind HOW you want to be remembered. Decide what legacy you want to leave behind and let it guide your every move.
by Raymond Bernard.

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