Monday, October 15

Straight Talk No Chaser

There's absolutely nothing better in this business than getting straight talk from someone who has worked and been successful in the music industry.  Meet Steve Rennie, manager for rock band Incubus and former record executive.  He has created a YouTube channel loaded with sound advice from his years of experience and some interviews from other veterans in the industry.  What I love most about his channel is that he interviews people you will not recognize from BET, MTV, or VH1.  Rennie speaks to the real movers and shakers behind the industry, those who make major decisions every day but who are not household names.  These are the faces you should recognize.  This is the advice you should be seeking.

Posted is one of my favorite videos from Steve Rennie's channel, "Fuck The Gatekeepers".  The title alone lets you know exactly what you can expect from this guy - straight talk, no chaser.

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