Monday, October 1

Instagram Beats Out Twitter In Daily Active Mobile Users

Still not on that Instagram hype yet? You may want to rethink that considering user adoption for the billion-dollar company (now valued at $735 million in correlation with Facebook’s stock) has been on the rise as of late. Stats and figures released by comScore indicate that Instagram surpassed Twitter for the first time in daily active users on mobile during the month of August. Instagram saw 7.3 million daily mobile users, while Twitter had 6.9 million. Twitter did end up having more total unique visitors in August than Instagram overall, with 29 million vs. Instagram’s 21 million visitors. However, comScore reports that fewer of them returned on a daily basis and that Twitter visitors spent less time on average viewing content than visitors to Instagram. Each of Instagram’s mobile users spent an average of more than four hours consuming content on the platform, while Twitter’s users spent an average of a little less than three hours.
The data from comScore also shows that Instagram’s daily active user count has gotten ten times larger in just six months, when it had 886,000 daily active visitors back in March. While Twitter’s mobile user numbers have also increased, they don’t compare to Instagram’s growth (granted the latter is a younger company, but impressive numbers nonetheless).
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Source: comScore
It is important to note, however, that comScore’s data factors in visits to the apps and websites of Instagram and Twitter from iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. What it does not track are the number of active users who visit websites from a non-mobile device, which would undoubtedly put more leverage back in Twitter’s corner.
The takeaway from the data? Instagram simply works and carries with it undeniable mobile engagement levels. For those not yet utilizing the platform for fan engagements, now may be the time to consider jumping on the bandwagon.

Source: Hypebot

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