Wednesday, October 10

A3C Festival 2012 Powered By

Looking at my watch it is about that time of year again. When all walks of life come together to celebrate hip hop music in the heart of the south known as ATL. For the 8th annual A3C Hip Hop Festival  being held at the Masquerade on October 11-13, 2012 they are adding a new element to the fold.

Jumping on the technology transit the A3C will be teaming up with Spreaker online radio to produce a live stream featuring artist interviews and music exclusively at the 2012 A3C Hip Hop Festival.

In an effort to reach to new fans and attendees of the festival, the purpose of the audio stream is to showcase all the great events that the A3C Hip Hop Festival has to offer. The production of the stream will be presented as a live radio format with 5 hours of programming for both Friday, October 12th & Saturday, October 13th. Writers and contributors of the A3C Website will host the Broadcast stream, as well as the A3C Blog site giving the listener up to the minute news and music live from the festival.

The idea was pioneered by Lucien Wall aka DJ Lucky Luciano, one of the contributing writers of the A3C Blog as well as one of the Executive Producers of the live stream for the festival through his company, Tekmatrix Sounds, LLC.

Scheduled air times of the official live stream will be announced on the A3C website prior to the start of the festival. Listeners of the stream will be able to tune in and listen through various outlets including their Smartphone using the Spreaker app available for iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch as well as Android Devices in addition to the A3C website via a stream player on the A3C website provided by the Spreaker Network.

For more information on Spreaker visit the website.

Source: A3CFestival

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