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Music Marketing: Quick Response Codes

 Looking to extend special offers or unique content to smart phone users? Perhaps familiarizing yourself with QR codes or "Quick Response" codes could be the answer. QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by most smart phones (via the camera function) and automatically link the mobile user to a marketing offer, website or video.

Consider this a low cost marketing tool musicians can utilize to provide exclusive content to their fans.

There are several free online tools for creating QR Codes including myQR.co and the ZXing Project. The process of creating a QR Code is remarkably simple. Just decide what type of content you want to share.

A unique QR Code image will then be generated and displayed that can be saved to your computer. This image will have the specified url embedded into it and can be scanned by any smart phone with a QR reader and camera functionality. It’s probably worth mentioning that Android based phones come with a QR reader built in but iPhone and Blackberry users will need to download a free QR code reader app.

Music Marketing Ideas for QR Codes

OK, so creating QR Code images is easy and cheap (free!). Now what? Even though some marketers use QR Codes in online campaigns I tend to think offline marketing applications are a better use for this tool. After all if a fan is already online isn’t just clicking a link easier then pulling out a smart phone and taking a picture? In short, any place music fans might be using their smart phone their primary point to access the web could potentially be a good place to use QR codes for music marketing.

Some of the interesting places QR Codes can potentially be used for music marketing include:

1. Tour Flyers / Band Posters
2. The Merch Table
3. Email Sign Up List
4. The Tour Vehicle
5. CD Jackets
6. Business Cards
7. T-Shirts
8. Stickers
9. One Sheets
10. Outside of any Mailed Package

From a fan engagement standpoint the content or offer that is delivered when a QR code is scanned is the primary driver for a successful QR code marketing campaign. Fans experienced with scanning QR codes are expecting to find unique content or a special marketing offer when they scan a QR code. Simply linking a QR code to your band’s website homepage or Facebook Fanpage will only leave your fans disappointed. Also, be sure to consider that when fans scan your QR code will be viewing your content or offer on a smart phone screen. Make sure the content or offer is formatted for easy viewing on a smart phone.

What sort of content or special offers make sense to offer music fans via QR codes? The options are almost endless! Just let creativity and common sense be your guide. Here are a few QR code content or marketing offer ideas:

1. New or unreleased band videos
2. A personal video message from the band
3. Discount codes good for X% off at the merch table
4. Discount codes good for X% off at the band’s webstore
5. Fan contests

Using QR codes can be a fun and unique way to engage your fans when they aren’t on their computer. If you have suggestions on new ways to use feel free to post in the comment section!

Source: Know The Music Biz

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  1. This isn't nothing new though. Microsoft been on it. I honestly don't believe my audience are smartphone users but it is a cool idea.


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