Wednesday, March 2

MTV Collaborates with Sony/ATV's Extreme Music to Promote Unsigned Artist

MTV intends on teaming with XTREME MUSIC, the production music arm of Sony/ATV, today announced the launch of HYPE PRODUCTION MUSIC: a newly created, first-of-its-kind hybrid music production and licensing partnership fueled by the very best new and emerging independent talent.

Hype Production Music will empower MTV and Extreme to contract directly with unsigned artists and creatively help them produce new music with vocals that will enjoy first look consideration for key placements across MTV Networks' programming and feed music supervisors' appetites throughout the industry for blog-breaking freshmen bands.

Hype artists will benefit from their songs' inclusion in the Hype Music Library that will be licensed through Extreme's global client base of professional users with the copyright diligence of a major label, but the credibility of an indie. In addition, MTV will serve as music distributor for all contracted songs, delivering music to the artist's fans through multiple digital music services. All revenues from licensing and digital distribution of songs included in the Hype Music Library will be split with 50 percent going to the artist.

"MTV has always been in the business of championing artists on the cusp. With the launch of 'HYPE', MTV has a platform to bring those artists to the forefront within our programming and beyond," said Joe Cuello SVP, Creative Music Integration for MTV. "Day to day we search out the best emerging artists and songs to help tell a story and we are thrilled to be deepening those relationships. In partnership with Extreme, we are able to work hand-in-hand with artists from the start to create and distribute amazing original music."

"It's no secret that the music industry is gasping for air and struggling for ways to break new artists," said Russell Emanuel CEO, Extreme Music. "HYPE's hybrid model as an artist-friendly incubator leveraging its ability to license tracks directly in high profile shows will dramatically boost an act's profile. This is a new breed, second to none career jump-starting opportunity. It's production music on steroids!"

The initial HYPE offerings are slated for release early in 2011 and include: Daniel Chavez Wright (3D Friends), George Byrne, Locksley, Ginger Sling, The Midi Mafia, New Cassettes, Desoto Jones, Theft, National Skyline, Atlantic Line, Hell & Lula, Marc Robillard, The Diamond Light, The New FOs, Lego Johnson, Atlantic Connection and Heavy Young Heathens.

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  1. Where can we go to find more information on getting recognition?

  2. I think that is the problem now with music. The corporations like Viacom trying to snatch up everyone and really they aren't helping the culture. Just looking to eff up more artist heads thinking its about being signed to a label. SAY NO!


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