Tuesday, November 9

Get Your Song on #DENT Radio!

You might want to pay attention to the new radio podcast #DENTradio : Tokyo meets the ATL. To briefly sum it up, this is a show meant to support all things indepDENT particularly from Tokyo and Atlanta. The founders @Jayda_B & @TokyoTwilighter (on Twitter), choose music from land of the rising sun and the ATL to play, as well as provide news and fun anecdotes for your listening pleasure every friday at 9am eastern US time and 10pm Japan time.

Every Friday they will be posting a new episode on http://hashtagmag.wordpress.com and during the week the site will be regularly updated with new content from their amazing team of bloggers. You can find articles about music, style, current events, relationships, food, parties, what's kawaii in Tokyo, who's dope in Atlanta and more on this site. To get your song on #DENT radio email an Mp3 or .Wav file to dentradio@gmail.com.

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