Tuesday, July 20

How to Effectively Network @ Music Events

Have you heard people say that it’s “who you know & NOT what you know”? This is the case when it comes to the Music and Entertainment business. You could be the world’s most talented person but if you have no connections than no-one will pay attention to your great talents. If you are someone that is willing to network effectively than you are on the right path by reading this article.

Networking is a great way to get your name or business a reputation. Recording artists do what they do best in the recording studio, but they also need to be the best at networking. Anybody that is interested in having a long-time career needs to understand that these accomplishments don’t happen over night. It takes months to even years to establish a strong network of connections. One of the best ways to network is to attend events such as; iDoMusic (www.idomusiconline.com). I specifically chose iDoMusic because this great event happens 3x a month. iDoMusic is a music networking event for music makers who are trying to establish new relationships, watch talented showcases, and to listen in on our panel discussions with BIG-NAME industry professionals. These types of opportunities don’t exist on the streets, they only exist by making the initiative to come out and taking your career seriously.

I also would like to talk about the difference between NETWORKING and PROMOTING. These two things are very different from each other but I see a lot of common mistakes happen. When someone comes out to network it is to establish some kind of business relationship. Promotion to some people is like handing out flyers or CDs than walking away like nothing happened. I highly suggest individuals to really try to take their time to work on their people skills. It bothers me when I see a room filled with talented individuals but they barely network with each other. If you are going to hand anybody promotional items than have the courage to stick around for 2-3 minutes discussing who you are and what you do. These people all came out to do the same thing, NETWORK. Passing out promotional items doesn’t matter unless you establish some kind of connection with that person, otherwise that CD or flyer might just end up in the dumpster. Don’t settle for anything less but you have to be serious to do more which in return will reward you BIG in the future. The best effective method is to have a 30-second elevator pitch on who you are and what you do. If you elevator pitch sells them than you are giving that person a GOOD reason to follow up with you the next day or week. Give them your business card, CD, or any promotional items that represent you and your business after the conversation is over and move to the NEXT.

The importance of networking is to make that next-step in your music career. One day you will be able to achieve all the things that you’ve ever wanted but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Networking is one of them and once you become a master at it, you will be on your way to making that KEY Major move.

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