Sunday, May 23

Tips to Sell More Online: iTunes Tips

Create an iMix

An iMix is a playlist that you’ve chosen to publish and make avail- able to others in the iTunes Music Store. To get your music to surface and be discovered more, cre- ate an iMix (or many many iMixes) with a few of your own songs (say three or so) and other songs (we suggest 9 or so) by more popular artists in the same genre. These iMixes will surface at the other artist’s album iTunes pages as well your own, allowing a fan of the other band to discover you.

In addition, give your iMix an interesting name (as opposed to “Cool Songs I Like”), name it something like, “Music to Break Up To,” or “Songs that Morrisey Wishes He Could Write.” Clever titles catch peoples’ attention.

The more iMixes you seed into iTunes, the higher the probability you will be discovered.

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