Tuesday, April 6

Finding A Good Engineer

As many people in the Music Industry know, the engineer you are working with can make or break you as an artist. Taking the time out to find and invest in a great engineer can make a big difference in how your final product sounds.

The first really important tip is: Make an investment in yourself. If you are serious about getting your music heard, then invest in it. Although a cheaper engineer may sound appealing, that person may not be as experienced and professional as those who cost a bit more.

Secondly, do your homeWERK and research the people you are working with. Good engineers have a lot of experience. They have most likely interned at well-known recording studios, worked with great bands, and/or major producers. Experience is not everything but it can inform you on who has had more practice with their craft.

Next, remember that professional equipment is required to get a professional sound. Look at, and research, the equipment each engineer has and has access to. Home and project studio equipment are not the equivalent to that which is professional.

Finally, listen to the recordings the engineer has completed. How do they sound? Do they match your standards? Be sure to listen to more than one to get a true feel for style and ability. When choosing an engineer make sure that the engineer can get the sound that you are looking for.

The right engineer can make a really big difference in your final product, so take it seriously and pay attention to detail!

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