Tuesday, March 23

Seven Tips for Promotion

[1] Pick up the phone
Calling past clients and reminding them of what you have is the single most effective way to generate sales. When you have something new to sell, use your phone to make contact. Making cold calls is another necessity. It can be a difficult task to pick up the handset and punch a stranger's number, but you must break through your fear.

[2] Set up in-person situations
The personal touch really works. No letter, e-mail, or flyer is ever going to take the place of standing face-to-face with someone and making your pitch. You can build rapport, address every objection, and win people over fast when you are in the flesh.

[3] Send a letter/e-mail
Dropping a reminder in the mail or e-mail is a good promotional strategy when approaching past buyers to generate new business. Also, if you carefully refine your possible prospects, dropping a sales letter in the mail can make a good initial contact that you follow up with a cold telephone call.

[4] Network
Building a network of contacts requires that you become part of a scene. Networking allows you to gather useful information and make valuable contacts with people who can help you. Remember that networking is both give and take. You want to help the other person as much as they want to help you. IdOmusic event is a great place to network.

[5] Use word of mouth
If you asked 100 people in the music industry what the best promotion is, 90% would say word of mouth. If you asked that 90% what that meant, only a handful could tell you. The elusive word of mouth promotional strategy implies that you do nothing and people just naturally seek you out. This is, of course, ludicrous. Successful word of mouth needs constant coaxing on your part. First, deliver quality music products and services. Second, make sure you tell everybody about your successes. Remind your clients, fans, relatives, network, and other business peers of all that you have available and encourage them to pass on your information to their friends, relatives, colleagues, and more. Third, get referrals from satisfied clients and pursue them. And fourth, display your contact information prominently on everything you create and make it easy for people to find and get in touch with you.

[6] Create a web site
Today, virtually everyone in the music industry can benefit from a Web site. With most music bought on-line, the Web is the place to be. Set up your Web site as your personal Web community and storefront where everybody comes to get information, learn about you, and to buy from you

[7] Get ruthless
When it comes to promoting your music industry career, you'd better be ruthless. Do whatever it takes to get your message across to people who would buy what you have to sell. Set yourself apart from the rest.

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