Thursday, March 18

M.U. 7 Panelist Profiles: Big Bank Black

As founder and CEO of Duct Tape Entertainment out of Atlanta, GA; Black has helped open the doors to new artist Alley Boy. You may be familiar with street anthems such as “Label It Gutta”, “Look at My Charm” and “Dis Flip.” Now the songwriter and producer is ready to take the streets to the next level with rap and R&B hit singles such as “Try It Out” and "Stop Playin”. It’s time to show music lovers what the real ‘A’ is about. Black and the Duct Tape Family are on their way showing the industry how it can be done.

Known for taking care of their homeboys on lockdown and their families, Duct Tape Entertainment is truly a family affair; like brothers from another mother. What started off as a hustle has turned into a legitimate career move that helps employ friends who ordinarily would choose the detrimental path often traveled. “I almost feel like a missionary,” says Black. “I figured if I could get all these people to follow me doing the wrong thing, I could turn that around into something positive and still put money in their pockets.” Spoken like a true boss.

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