Tuesday, February 9

How to Track Your Sales ?

Want to know how to make an impression with your records? Simply selling records out the back of your trunk and then bragging about how many records you have sold is not the answer!, If you want to make a professional impression then you need to go the professional route! There is a standard in the music industry for keeping track of how many records you are selling or how many spins you are getting on the radio. Make sure that you register your product with these major monitoring systems, for media and music, so that people take you seriously!

For Radio, submit your music to:

1) Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems (BDS)

2) Media Base

For retail sales, submit your music to:

4) Nielsen Sound Scan (Disc makers can get you a free UPC Code for Sound Scan)

Or apply for a UPC Bar Code with:

5) Uniform Code Council (UCC)

For Digital Sales monitoring, your best bets are the following:

CD Baby Digital Download Cards

Don’t know What BDS, Media Base, Sound Scan, Billboard, Nielsen, UCC are?? ounds like you need to be at The IdOMusic Event... These are terms you NEED to know if you want to have a leg up in this industry!

Here’s some links below that should be able to help you out!!


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  1. This is great information! Independent artists should take this info!


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