Thursday, February 11

Grand Hustle's Jason Geter does WERK

I'm sure you know the definition of WORK but do you understand the meaning of WERK? This short blog from Jason Geter gives you a quick look at the recording process with T.I and others.

I’ve spent a large percent of my adulthood in recording studios. Before I started my company I actually worked at Patchwerk Recording studios in Atlanta. Since then I’ve had three different facilities of my own.

The recording process differs depending on the act. We’re currently working on Tip’s 7th album. When it comes to working with him he usually records between 60-75 records. From there we narrow it down to about 20. You may put 14 on the domestic album, international usually wants an extra song. And then the retail giants like Best Buy may want an exclusive song or two for special placement.

During this time, life can be a little difficult. My days in the studio may start at 4 or 5pm and go until 5am. By the time you drive home you’re now wide awake, therefore you may not get to sleep until 6:30am… wake up at 11:30am to handle emails and conference calls. Before you know it, it’s time to go back in!


Source: We Resist Simple

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  1. That Sounds like my kinda life!!!


  3. With great success comes responsibility I do most of my work from 11pm to 7 am studying occupies most of my life it's is how we become who we are yet we at times meet with others of the same level and we enjoy a night of conversation.


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