Wednesday, February 10

An ear for music-Karpae Dium

An ear for music-Karpae Dium

When you hear music these days, pop music to be exact, you hear more and more artist applying a melodic feel to there songs. For example David Guetta (Guy who made sexy chic with akon) uses a number of synths to add that pop 80's feel that most artists are looking for these days. Now the big question is how do you add advanced melodies to your music. For starters, listening to the Beatles and groups of the same genre and imitating what they do is a good technique. After you have it down search for your own sound but still use what you've learned. Also, listen and study music that has a lot of strings, synths, guitars and pianos to enhance your music theory. To increase your capacity for making good music you have to consistently "werk" at it, innovate, and broaden your horizons. Accumulating a better ear for music is the first step!

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