Tuesday, January 26

IdOMusic® Mania BLINK 182

IdOMusic® Mania FACEBOOK Contest! Every week IdOMusic® will post new contest for the members of our IdOMusic® group to participate in and win IdOMusic® Tee shirts and/or tickets to our IdOMusic® events.

This week contest instructions (CLICK HERE) is to view the pictures posted answer the questions that is posted under the picture as a caption. Answer under the picture with the correct answer. Also answer the question for the video posted. You will have to submit your answer for the video in the wall comment area. For every answer that is correct we will keep tallys. Whoever has the most answered correct will win the prize. Leave all comments regarding the contest on the comment wall here in the IdOMusic® Mania page. Invite all of your friends to participate. Have fun!!! Bringing together the worlds music makers. IdOMusic®

1 - Find all the I dO Music® Logos. How many is in this photo?

2 - Name 3 songs by blink 182?

3 - What genre is blink 182?

What's your take... leave your comments below.

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