Friday, January 29

I know You're NOT Gonna Let THAT Stop you!

So you're fed up with school, work, or whatever else is occupying valuable time you could be making music! And problems are piling up like the bills on your coffee table! Your significant other thinks you’re insignificant and sends you a break up text. Your Job is downsizing and it looks like you’re next... and on top of ALLLLL THAT, it looks like it's going to rain tonight!

But HEY! ... are you going to let all of THAT stop you from attending The IdOMusic Networking Event TODAY?!?!?!?!


Come out to find your next creative team, learn from established professionals, or just enjoy the music filled atmosphere! It's going to be GREAT!

TODAY - January 29, 2009 // 8PM

Venue Information:
30 Courtland Street, Atlanta, GA 30303 (Building on the corner on Gilmer St. and Courtland St. on across from Georgia State University Student Center)

View Directions:

The Panel:
"WERKING Your Way iN!" - The Music Industry is one of the most guarded. What you have to do to gain access?

The Panelists:
Ivory Weems // Artist Development/Marketing/Video Production and assistant to C.O.O of DTP

Big Ron // CEO of Black Shield Music Group, Executive Producer, Independent A&R Consultant

Keinon Johnson // National Director of Urban Promotions at Interscope Records

Frances Crawford // Client Relations, PatchWerk Recording Studios

Spotlight Artists & Producers:
Dj Freak

Admission: $12
-Student Discount w/ Student I.D. - $10
-AIA Students: Contact Joe Shiver in Career Services...
-AES Members: Contact

What's your take... leave your comments below.

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